Inspiration is always needed

Being a budding producer I always get geaked out when reading /watching and just hearing about other beatmakers in action. For example the good old ‘Scratch magazine’ days,  I still read them issues back to front and they still give me the inspiration to hit the boards in a heartbeat. If it’s a slow day I will watch a Dilla documentary  on YouTube and just like that ‘bang’ im behind my mpc chopping up some vintage wax.

Being slow to my point, via the new edition of The Fader , Nick Sylvester gets busy writing about Drakes left hand man, Noah “40″ Shebib. I am really looking forward to reading this as ive heard quite a few time about various producing tricks/tips “40″ puts into action to make Drizzys records sound the way they do. I belive this dude Noah needs more props, I admit im not the worlds biggest fan of Drake ‘ NoHate’  theres a few joint i can get down to, but I can definatly appreciate the way these records are produced, mixed and put together.

I didn’t read the  story online myself mainly because got the magazine subscription and im waiting for it to arrive so I can kick back on cold rainy afternoon sometime next few weeks and take it in.

via The Fader You can read the Story for youself.

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