Black Scale Snapback / A$AP Rocky

You already known A$AP Rocky‘s  has been rocking this cap from left to right for a minute now and word has it that the BLVCK SCVLE & NEW ERA “Funeral Service” snapbacks are like rocking horse shit – Rare!

Did you get yours ? i sure didn’t get mine..

No Hate but there is some think about leather caps i just don’t get the vibe at all. The One thing i was feeling about this head wear was the cross pattern under the bill that looks very dope.

The purpose of this post was really to find out if ANYBODY OUT THERE knows where i can purchase a BLVCK SCVLE – Rebel Flag Snap Back ???

As seen way way down below these Flag Hat are serious man,  i need to get my filthy hands on one asap..

If you happen to be reading this post and you know the answer either comment or hit me up on Twitter.. 

Peace Licks


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